Aruu Falls

Aruu Falls

Aruu Falls

Aruu Falls in Uganda are exceptional waterfalls situated in Pader district in northern part of the country, along the Gulu Kitgum highway. The falls are roughly 386 kilometres from Kampala, the capital of Uganda; they are also 47 kilometres from Gulu and 57 kilometres from Kigtum. Travelling to the falls from Kampala takes about 4 to 6 hours, via the Gulu route.

One of the most fascinating waterfalls to visit is Aruu Falls in Uganda. With their tumbling streams and thunderous waterfalls, these falls provide an exhilarating, memorable, and daring safari experience. When on a Uganda safari to Kidepo Valley National Park, one of the must-see locations for an amazing experience is the waterfalls. The breathtaking falls appear amazing when viewed from below, when the water cascades over the rocks. The people that live around the Aruu Falls are mostly Acholis or Langi, and the falls are situated in the Acholi-Lango region. These folks are farmers as well, so you can be sure to locate farms in the areas around the waterfalls.

The Aruu Falls in Uganda consist of many streams that cascade with a thunderous sound, creating an incredibly beautiful and unparalleled spectacle. There are seven rocks from which the many streams of the falls originate: Ryanga, Awilo Yao, Akweyo, Wang Okiye, Lacee, Okello Gem, and Lanya Kweyo. The water from the Agago River flows gently downstream due to the step-like formation of the jagged boulders.

Despite not being well-known, Uganda’s Aruu Falls are a fantastic safari destination that offers adventure, excitement, and relaxation. The falls are among Uganda’s best-kept secrets and are breathtakingly beautiful, leaving visitors in amazement. Most tourists to the falls take pleasure in hiking across sharp rocks to reach the top of the falls and in a variety of water activities.

The breathtaking Aruu Falls is a sight to behold, growing more beautiful as you go around it. These waterfalls are best visited in a single day. Although the water seems clean enough to swim in, you do so at your own risk. But, visitors to Aruu Falls should be aware that the rocks are slick as they descend, so they should be ready to take off their shoes and go barefoot over the river. Once more, if you must carry phones or cameras, it’s important to use caution when using them.

The water flows smoothly downstream from the River Agago thanks to the stepped-like structure of these angular rocks.

Not with standing their lack of fame, the Aruu Falls are a breathtaking site to see; they are thrilling, daring, and soothing. The falls are among Uganda’s best-kept secrets (Uganda Safari Attractions), and visitors are often in amazement of how magnificent they are.  The majority of visitors to the falls are happy to hike through craggy rocks and participate in a variety of water safari activities.

You must go on a rock climbing or hiking expedition to reach the Aruu waterfalls because they are located in a forested and rocky area. Following your arrival to the falls, you can spend some time engaging in the following activities.

Waterfall viewing.

The simplest and most popular pastime is waterfall viewing, which involves positioning yourself at key locations to enjoy the beauty, sound, and movement of the falls as they cascade over the rocks below. Even while it can seem like a pointless exercise, it usually takes visitors an hour or two to fully appreciate the gorgeous waterfalls.

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Since the area surrounding the Aruu Falls is composed of rocks, you have the option of enjoying a picnic lunch on one of the many picnic rocks nearby while taking in the cool breeze and the surrounding scenery. You may take in breathtaking views of the Acholi-Lango region while sitting on these rocks.

Nature and community walks.

To learn more about the surroundings and the local communities that surround the falls, you can also go on guided nature and community walks. A portion of the forest is traversed on the nature walks, while the community walks take place in the neighboring communities. You will be able to enjoy the many different types of trees found in the forests while doing nature walks; you may also spot some birds, butterflies, and other forest animals. You can participate in communal and customary activities, such as gathering and storing food, as well as socializing with the residents who reside around the falls, by going on community walks. You can visit the local market for freshly produced food items and handcrafted items created by the town’s residents while strolling through the village.

Rock climbing.

Even though the water’s constant flow makes the rocks slick, rock climbing against the current is one of the most thrilling safari experiences at these falls and is an activity that will give you the goosebumps. However, the location’s administration suggests that only experienced climbers attempt the activity, and even then, only in the dry months when the rocks are less slippery.

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Bird watching.

During your visit to the falls, you may see a few different types of birds that live in the area surrounding the falls. Among the birds are African wagtails, weaver birds, hornbills, and stonechat birds, among many more which is a wonderful safari experience.


Down the cascades there is a pool where some of the water accumulates. You are welcome to swim there, but the facility’s administration insists that you use caution due to the rocky terrain and that only competent swimmers should swim there.


Some visitors to the falls are on Uganda Tours to the Northern Region, where they take use of the distinctive and stunning backdrops provided by the waterfalls to capture the ideal image and backdrop of nature.

How to get to Aruu Falls. 

The Aruu falls are reachable by vehicle, but getting there requires a reliable four-wheel drive vehicle because the road is steep and can get slick, especially after a downpour. The trip from Kampala to Pader along the Kampala-Gulu route takes roughly six or seven hours.

From Gulu City, it is roughly 47 kilometres away. Those who reside in adjacent towns can also access the falls by motorbike from the main road if they don’t have a car.

Accommodation when visiting Aruu falls. 

Two campsites are located close to Aruu Falls. There are two basic rooms available for guests to stay in or camp in; nevertheless, don’t expect excellent or flawless service. The Aruu Falls and the surrounding campgrounds, however, are merely fit for a day trip due to their lack of development. Travellers seeking comfortable and upscale accommodation in Kitgum town may want to check into one or more of the following establishments: that includes Hotel Churchill Courts, Pearl of the North, Hotel Acholi Inn and among others.

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