Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise

Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise

Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise

Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise : Kazinga channel component of Queen Elizabeth national park is a completely novel safari experience to all the visitors that come to African.  It is true that the Kazinga Channel is a waterway that joins Lake George and Lake Edward. It’s a 40-kilometer water channel that runs beneath the well-known Mweya Peninsula, not far from the Mweya Safari Lodge.

The boat cruise at Kazinga channel will provide you a different safari experience from all that you have had in Africa before. A common statement among tourists to Queen Elizabeth National Park is that “any Uganda safari would not be complete without a boat cruise at Kazinga Channel.” This may be the sound of your trip through Uganda when you go to Queen Elizabeth National Park and get to go on this incredible Kazinga Channel.

The boat excursion lasts between three and four hours, and the guides are qualified professionals with expertise. During the boat cruise safari, the guides will provide you with all the information you need to know about the fauna along the banks of Kazinga channel, as well as the history of Kazinga channel and the boat cruise itself.

kazinga channel boat cruise

The guides are expert that they can respond to whatever question you will ask them about the animals and birds, the surrounding vegetation, the color of water and many others. They will also provide you with details on the nearby settlements of Kazinga Channel. What a wealth of information to enhance your boat travel pleasure.

There are two boat cruises done on the Kazinga Channel each day: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Both the morning and afternoon cruises begin at 11:00 am and terminate at 1:00 pm, respectively. The evening cruise departs at 2:00 pm and ends at 5:00 pm. To meet the demand of the travelers, the boat cruise’s rounds are occasionally extended to three. While you learn more about African wildlife, including birds, mammals, and reptiles, among other things, the boat cruise through the Kazinga channel is a marvelous one.

In a 20-seat boat, you may enjoy a fantastic safari experience while seeing and learning about the native wildlife on the Kazinga Channel. You get the opportunity to learn about hippos’ behavior, since they spend their whole day in the water, in contrast to other park species. The hippos travel great distances when foraging for grass at night, and then make their way back to the water in the early morning hours before the sun rises. It is said that the hippos conduct themselves in this way because, they have a lot of fat below their skin and the sun chocks directly to their skin because they have no far on their bodies.

During the boat excursion, you will get a chance to see crocodiles; it is said that these crocodiles used not to stay in this place many years ago because of volcanic activity in the area, however, after some time, in one way or the other got to know that the eruptions had come to an end, and they came to back to Kazinga channel along River Semliki. You will also witness waterbucks, the rare Statunga antelopes, bushbucks, buffaloes, and elephants if you’re lucky, you may even witness these enormous beasts having sex on the beach.

As if that weren’t enough, the Kazinga Channel is inherently appealing to about 612 different bird species from throughout the globe. It is classified by Birding International as an Important Birding Area (IBA) and is one of Uganda’s protected sites for birdwatching. You will have the opportunity to see a variety of birds during the boat cruise, including the magnificent African fish eagle, African jacana, Yellow bellied stork, African spoonbills, great cormorants, African skimmers, pelicans, kingfishers, long tailed cormorant, little egrets, and goliath heron and among many others.

You can also have your tea during the Kazinga channel boat cruise on the luxurious king fisher ferry of Mweya. Many travelers have described the Kazinga Channel boat cruise in Queen Elizabeth National Park as “a peaceful spectacular safari experience.”

boat cruise at kazinga channel

Accommodation facilities are the spots for Queen Elizabeth national park, so you don’t have to worry about that; you will be provided with the most comfortable accommodation facilities when you are planning for your boat cruise safari to Kazinga Channel.

Mweya safari lodge is perfect for the tourists that come for a boat cruise since it is so near to the Kazinga channel though they are other accommodation facilities close to Kazinga channel like Park view safari lodge, Jacana lodge and, Mweya hostels among others.

Simply said, it is improper for you to travel to Africa and ignore Uganda. Visitor opinions on Queen Elizabeth National Park will let you know how much of a mistake it would be to leave the Kazinga Channel boat excursion safari experience off the itinerary. Both adults and kids will find it to be a fun and soothing hobby that will temporarily put your life on hold and revive you.

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