Kyambura Gorge

Kyambura Gorge

Kyambura Gorge

Kyambura Gorge: The broad Kyambura George determined by locals as ‘Chambura” is the outstanding valley of apes in the queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda located in the Northeastern part of the park this is drain by river Kyambura it formed by the unruly waters of river Kyambura it’s about 100 metres deep the site of the land scape is so spectacular and one of the best u can find in the world.

But over 80 chimpanzees can be found in this valley of apes as verified by researchers but it’s one of the safari destinations never to live out on a safari to Queen Elizabeth national park, Kyambura George is located extremely near to the equator, crossing the Kyambura, and offers breathtaking views of the rain forest. Kyambura is an a home to chimpanzees and is one of the few location where these primates can be discovered on Queen Elizabeth national park safari either way it also contains a good number of other wildlife and birds as it’s a water source to animals within the park. Reservations for chimpanzee trekking safari may be made at Queen Elizabeth’s Myeya Information Centre.

The sight is breathtaking as it is completely shielded by the riverine trees, drawing a great number of primates, including chimpanzees, white colobus monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, olive baboons, and red Columbus monkeys. The steep slopes of Kyambura George also attract the stunning flamingos. The African skimmer, papyrus canary, white-tailed lark, papyrus gonolek vereux, eagle owl, lesser plus greater flamingos, chapins, fly catcher, and other birds are also frequently spotted in Kyambura George. To fully experience the park’s natural beauty, one must go on a nature walk led by an extremely knowledgeable tour guide. Kyambura George can also be included in an exclusive safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park, which is encircled by Savannah.

kyambura gorge

Kibale Forest National Park, Kalinzu Forest, Budongo Forest National Park, Nyungwe Forest National Park in Rwanda, Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania, and Mahale Mountains National Park in Tanzania are among the other East African parks where chimpanzees may be trekked.

Initially, this nature reserve served as buffer zone to Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is set on the northeastern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park about 30 kilometers off the park’s headquarters. It links the Kazinga waterway, which forms the northern boundary of this nature reserve, for a distance of up to 11 km. It is well-known for its varied ecosystem, which includes around three different animal species.

Mostly drained by the River Kyambura, which connects this region to the Kazinga Channel, is Kyambura Gorge. In addition to having a high primate population, this region is perfect for a variety of bird species and butterflies. To name a few, there are some noteworthy species to spot here, such as fly catchers, blue-headed bee-eaters, white-naped pigeons, falcons, and fin-footed African birds.


Lying on the northeastern edge of Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kyambura is around thirty kilometres away from the Queen Elizabeth National Park headquarters. Kyambura Gorge covers a distance of 11 km and connects to the Kazinga Channel, which forms the northern boundary of the reserve. To the south are the plantations and village.

kyambura gorge

Getting There.

Part of Uganda’s Western Rift Valley, the expansive savannah remains as it does here at the almost 16-kilometer-long Kyambura Gorge, situated on the Kyambura escarpment close to the Kyambura Trading Centre in Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is among the most breathtaking vistas in Uganda. There is a fantastic observation platform where you can get amazing photos of the Kyambura Gorge, which is encircled by Savannah and a lush tropical forest below. Most tourists who take Uganda safaris through Queen Elizabeth National Park, don’t miss the chance to trek the fast moving chimpanzees within Kyambura.

A park ranger guide who is knowledgeable about the region can help you visit Kyambura Gorge. It leads you to the escarpments through Katunguru, which is around ten km away. You descend around 200 metres to the gorge and then stroll over the arid grasslands.

Attractions in Kyambura Gorge.

The Gorge.

The Kyambura River, which flows through this dense “underground forest” 100 metres below the Kichwamba escarpment, gave rise to the name of the canyon. The chimpanzees that live in the gorge are its most famous feature; some of them are habituated and may be tracked through the forest by Uganda Wildlife Authority guides who have received training.

kyambura birds


Numerous animals may be found there, including the area’s sole primates, in Kyambura Gorge Queen Elizabeth National Park. The region is bordered by savanna and serves as a vital supply of water for several species, but it is most known for the gorge’s high concentration of primate life. Baboons, vervet monkeys, red tailed monkeys, blue colobus monkeys, among others without forgetting bird species like falcon, fly catchers, white napped pigeons, blue- headed Bee eaters, the fin foot African bird among others can also be found in Kyambura gorge.

Activities to do in Kyambura Gorge.

 Chimpanzee trekking.

This is one among the primary safari activities offered at this popular tourist safari destination. You may also get a glimpse of other primate species, such as red-tailed monkeys, olive baboons, blue monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, and forest pigs, while on a chimpanzee trekking excursion. The activity starts with a briefing about the rules and regulations to follow during trekking, after you experience the jungles to look for the chimpanzees, this takes a period of 30 minutes four hours, after finding the chimpanzees you will be given a period of one hour to be in the presence of the chimpanzees, that’s when you will investigate more of the chimpanzees’ behaviours and body language while you are with them. Taking their pictures and recording their moments.

kyambura chimps

Chimpanzee treks in Kyambura Gorge follow similar routes to those in other parks, but they also include a park ranger guide who explains to you some of the unusual body language these primates exhibit.

Nature Walks.

You can encounter various creatures both the animal species and various birds that inhabit the forest while strolling down the gorge. A wonderful location to have a picnic is at the gorge’s entrance. The Kyambura Gorge is a really special attraction since it gives guests excellent views of the forest and places to take pictures and videos during nature walks.

Birding Watching.

This is another stimulating safari experience that you shouldn’t miss to take part in this nature reserve. You will be rewarded with amazing views of species such the African skimmer, pink-backed pelicans, broadbill, blue-headed bee-eater, falcons, corncrake, white-tailed lark, and many more.

Where to stay in Kyambura Gorge.

The nearby safari lodges for visitor night stay while on Uganda safari in Kyambura gorge as these are categorized into budget, mid-range and luxury lodges  including  Mazike lodge the formerly Kyambura Gorge Lodge, Park View Lodge, Buffaloes safari lodge, Katara lodge, King fisher camp, Jacana safari lodge, Pumba safari lodge and many others.

How to get to Kyambura Gorge.

Appropriately situated near the park’s headquarters in northeastern Queen Elizabeth National Park is Kyambura Gorge. South of Lake George, it is around 16 km away. Situated near the well-known fig tree camp on the outskirts of Kyambura George is the tourist centre.

In conclusion, travel endeavors are rewarded with unique safari experiences when you explore Kyambura Gorge. While on a Uganda safari, it is a breathtaking and distinctive area of Queen Elizabeth National Park that is well worth seeing that will give you everlasting safari memories.

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