Namirembe Cathedral

Namirembe Cathedral

Namirembe Cathedral

Namirembe Cathedral is the oldest cathedral in Uganda. It was moved from Kitesa to one of Kampala’s seven hills when was it constructed in 1890. and originally intended to seat 8,000 people, later was found to be too small. Bishop Tucker, the first Anglican bishop, served his inaugural sermon in Uganda from this church. On July 31, 1892, the second church that had been moved on the hill was officially opened. The hill’s first cathedral church was this one. As there were no pews in the church, worshippers used to carry mats and stools to sit on. But two years after it opened, a violent storm demolished the rebuilt church. This resulted in the decision to construct a third church, the second of which would be located atop the hill. It was designed to hold 4,000 people in seats. After a minimum of seven years, it was decided to construct a more contemporary church. Its design was inspired by London’s Temple Church and was to feature a thatched roof. The architect was Kristen Eskilsden Borup. The church was burned down six years after it was consecrated on September 23, 1910, after being struck by lightning. After this unfortunate event, the Anglicans in Buganda asked for the construction of a permanent church edifice.  The fourth cathedral was to be built by a British architect by the name of Arthur Beresford Pite. Work on the project began in 1915, and the church was dedicated for worship in 1919.

Namirembe Cathedral is an Anglican Cathedral acting as the provincial cathedral for Church of Uganda, is the diocesan cathedral for Namirembe diocese which was the first diocese to be established in the province of Church of Uganda. Along with 103 other clergy members, Rt. Reverend Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira leads the diocese. For those who would wish to visit the Church of Uganda headquarters, this is the appropriate location.

The oldest cathedral in Uganda which has a brick red dome. Another name for the cathedral is St. Paul’s Cathedral. On the Namirembe/Mengo hill, one of the city of Kampala’s main hills that rises out of the filth in Kampala, it was constructed in 1890. Both the consecration and the groundbreaking ceremonies for the Namirembe cathedral were presided over by Kabaka Daudi Chwa II. Beautiful stained glass completes the stunning classic western architecture.

The Anglican faith’s history and this church’s are closely related. Many Ugandans were open to the gospel once the first group of missionaries arrived in answer to Stanley’s request to preach it there, and on March 18, 1882, the first Anglican was baptized in Uganda. After then, the Christian faith experienced many difficulties, one of which was the January 31, 1885, murder of three young men because of their faith. At Busega, Marko Kakumba, Yusufu Lugalama, and Nuwa Serwanga passed away. The Most Rev. Janani Luwum was consecrated as Archbishop of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Bougainville in 1974. Sadly, President Idi Amin Dada killed him in February 1977. Although the next ten years were a dark period in Ugandan history, the church continued to expand and grow, with new dioceses being established on a daily basis. The most recent Diocese of North Karamoja was established in 2007, demonstrating that this pattern of growth has persisted to the present day.

St. Paul’s Cathedral Situated on Namirembe hill in Lubaga Division, Namirembe is roughly two kilometres away from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.  Its architecture is remarkably distinctive, and the dome atop it is stunning. Numerous individuals from all regions of Kampala visit this church for Sunday services as well as other weekly events. The times for Sunday services are 06:45, 08:30, and 10:00 a.m. It features an amazing chorus that conducts stirring and captivating worship and praise. The young ones have a church where they are taught about Christianity.

One of the most striking tourist safari destinations, Namirembe Cathedral offers extensive information on both the church’s and Christianity’s history in Uganda. The structure itself is stunning, and you must witness how “old is gold” in terms of preservation it has been preserved for roughly a century. Beautiful views of the surroundings, including Kampala town, may be had from Namirembe Hill.

namirembe cathedral

On a safari with us, it’s is always happy to show you around such beautiful religious and historic sites like St. Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe and other religious areas like Rubaga cathedral, Namugongo Martyrs Shrine, Kibuli mosque, and Uganda National Mosque at Old Kampala after your wildlife safari, gorilla trekking safari, or birding safari. A Kampala city tour additionally takes you to cultural sites, museums, craft shops and markets among others.

The remains of Bishop Hannington, who was assassinated in October 1885, shortly before the Gospel of Matthew was written in Luganda, and the chefs who founded Mengo Hospital are housed inside this church. Bishop Rt Rev Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira leads the diocese, which also has 103 other active clergy members, 3 of whom are deaf, and 7 of whom are women.

This holy hill’s summit offers a breathtaking 360-degree view of Kampala City. The cathedral looks fantastic on the inside and outdoors thanks to the recently finished renovations. Explore the oldest church that’s Namirembe church on a Uganda safari you will be satisfied with the intriguing memories ever bout Christianity.

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