2024 Uganda Chimpanzee Permit Price

2024 Uganda Chimpanzee permit price

2024 Uganda Chimpanzee permit price.

 2024 Uganda Cost of chimpanzee permits: After trekking for gorillas in Mgahinga and Bwindi impenetrable national parks, chimpanzee trekking safari is the second most popular and fascinating safari activity in Uganda. When going chimpanzee trekking in Uganda, visitors venture into the tropical rainforest to locate habituated chimpanzee families and, if successful, spend an hour in the primates’ natural environment. Chimpanzee trekking safari in Uganda occurs in numerous locations including Kibale forest national park which holds the highest number of chimpanzees, Budongo forest in Murchison falls national park, Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth national park and Kalinzu forest in Bushenyi district.

Chimpanzee trekking safari experience in Uganda 2024.

In Kibale forest national park, Kyambura gorge, Budongo forest and Kalinzu forest chimpanzee trekking safari starts very early in the morning with a briefing about the rules and regulations to follow during trekking. After the briefing, you will be split up into groups of eight, and each group will be paired with a habituated chimpanzee family to trek with and a park guide who is knowledgeable about the many forest pathways. Because chimpanzees prefer to roam around in quest of food, chimpanzee trekking in Uganda might take anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the chimpanzee’s location. In addition to seeing various bird species, trees, and other primates, you will be able to spend an hour in the natural habitat of the chimpanzees once they are located. This will allow you to learn more about their habits and lifestyle, as well as observe them eating, breastfeeding, playing, mating, fighting, hunting, grooming their young, and taking pictures and videos.

The chimpanzees in Kibale Forest National Park are trained to get acclimated to human presence so they can go on treks. This programme is known as chimpanzee habituation. Tourists who participate in the chimpanzee habituation experience can spend four hours with the primates in their natural habitat; the experience takes two to three years to complete.

 2024 Uganda Chimpanzee permit price.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) issues legal cards known as “chimpanzee trekking permits” to any tourists who are over 12 years old. These permits allow people to visit any habituated chimpanzee family and spend an hour with the chimps. The cost of chimpanzee trekking permits in Uganda varies according to the location you want to visit. For instance, a permit to trek among the gorillas in Kibale Forest National Park costs 200 USD for non-resident foreigners, 150 USD for residents of other countries, and 150,000 UGX for citizens of East Africa.

Then the chimpanzee trekking permit in Kyambura Gorge and Kalinzu forest costs 50 USD per person for foreign non- residents, 40 USD per person for foreign residents and 30,000 UGX per person for East African citizens.

A chimpanzee habituation permit in Kibale forest national park costs 250 USD per person for foreign non- residents, 200 USD per person for foreign residents and 200,000 UGX per person for East African citizens.

How to book chimpanzee trekking permits in Uganda 2024.

Chimpanzee trekking permits in Uganda can either be reserved through Uganda Wildlife Authority where you will contact the headquarters through email or telephone calls.

You can also reserve chimpanzee trekking permits in Uganda by contacting a tour operator like us, and in that case, you will need to provide the date, month, and year of your desired chimpanzee destination. We will verify permit availability after you get in touch with us, and if permits are available on the days of your choice, you will be required to pay a deposit. We will buy the chimpanzee trekking permits on your behalf as soon as we receive the payment, and we’ll email you a scanned copy of the receipt as proof.

Best time to go for chimpanzee trekking safari in Uganda 2024.

Although chimpanzee trekking is possible throughout the year in Kibale Forest National Park, Budongo Forest, Kyambura Gorge, and Kalinzu Forest, the best time to travel is during the dry season, which is also referred to as the peak season and lasts from June to September and December to February. In contrast to the rainy season, when the trails are muddy and slippery and make walking challenging, the dry season brings less rainfall to the national park, making the chimpanzee trekking paths passable.

What to pack for your chimpanzee trekking safari in Uganda 2024.

Insect repellent, long sleeve shirt and pants, long cotton socks, gardening gloves, hiking shoes, waterproof rain jacket, drinking water, binoculars, extra batteries for your camera, walking stick, back pack and other items are items you should pack for your 2024 Ugandan chimpanzee trekking safari.

A thrilling experience that you shouldn’t pass up while on your safari in Uganda is chimpanzee trekking. To learn more about chimpanzee trekking in Uganda in 2024, or to reserve a reasonably priced 2024 trip, visit our website you will not get disappointed.

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