Bahai Temple Uganda

Bahai Temple Uganda

Bahai Temple Uganda

Bahai Temple  is a wonderful attraction on a Uganda safari and it is only one i Africa and was built in Uganda, this is a gorgeous building and a source of wonder to many tourists. This is a phenomenon on its own, not only being explored by the locals, but the temple is a tourist attraction for the foreigners. The temple was established over a century ago. It is the only one in Africa and is also called the Mashriqu’l-Adhkar. But there are also nine more that are all over the world. A lot of people who visit Uganda miss out on all the fun and interesting things to do in Kampala. This is because the country is best known for wildlife safaris in its many national parks, such as Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for gorillas, Queen Elizabeth National Park for climbing lions, and Kibale National Park for chimpanzees, among others. But those who spend a few days wandering around Kampala are lucky enough to see a lot of new and interesting things in Uganda, like the Bahai temple.

This beautiful piece of art, Bahai temple, is in an area of Kampala, which is the capital of Uganda. The Bahai temple is on Kikaya hill on Gayaza road, about 6 kilometres from the main city centre of Kampala. It is famous for being the spiritual centre of the Bahai religion in Uganda, the Bahai faith is one of the fastest growing regions in the world with various numbers of believers. Bahai faith is located in 204 countries across the planet.  The Bahai temple is on kikaya hill, which is 52 acres wide. The temple is 265 feet tall and has an 84-foot circle inside. It is surrounded by a 55-hectare area with different flower gardens.  Bahai temple in Kampala was built by people from more than one country. Belgium sent the roof tiles, Germany bought the colored glass, Britain sent the windows, and Uganda sent the timber and hard rocks that were used to build this amazing temple.

Brief history.

The history of the temple origins way back in 1946 when Ugandan Dr. Ernest Kalibala one of Uganda’s first PhDs then associated with the New York Bahai Centre. Members of the Bahai faith came in Kampala on August 3, 1951. In December, the first two Ugandans became Christians. In 1958, 52 acres of land in a quiet part of Kampala were bought, and work began. It took four years to finish, and the building is still there today on Kikaya hill.

Bahai Temple in Uganda was formally opened to the public in January 15, 1962, which is the very year when Uganda got its independence. The temple was built on a hill in the shape of a dome. The inside of the dome is painted a pale blue colour, and it can hold up to 800 people. The building is 44 feet in diameter, and it is held up by nine big pillars and 27 smaller ones. The environment around the Bahai temple calms the mind and pleases the senses. It is surrounded by a peaceful flower garden that is a good place to relax in the evening, and it has flora of different heights, colours, textures, and smells.

Because of its location, Bahai Mother Temple can be seen from miles away and from almost everywhere in Kampala. Tourists always set aside a day when they come on a Uganda safari so they can visit this place. The place is open to people of all religions and backgrounds, but they must follow the rules of the Bahai faith while they are there. So, you can’t do anything wrong once you enter this place of worship.

Bahai Faith is unique and not very well known in Uganda, but it is talked about in a number of media. The Bahai faith offers a lot of theological, social, and spiritual ideas that were set up by Bahaullah, who is thought to be the founder of this religion, and have been clarified by leaders who came after him.

Theological statements about God, his messengers, and people are part of the Bahai teachings. There are also social teachings, such as the equality of all people regardless of gender, race, or class, the harmony of science and religion, and the end of extremes of wealth and poverty. This principle of the Bahai temple makes it sound real, if only people would try to understand it more. The “three onenesses” are the three most important beliefs of the Bahai Faith. They are the Oneness of God, the Oneness of Religion, and the Oneness of Humanity, which makes sense.

Safari experience at Bahai temple.

Even though it seems impossible, you can do a lot at the Bahai temple during your Ugandan safari. In the evening, tourists and visitors can sit in the grounds and enjoy the sights and sounds of birds singing, as well as a cool breeze from down the hill.

The best thing about Bahai temple in Uganda is the religious meetings and parties.  People go to Bahai temple for religious activities like yoga and meditation. Also, Hindus in Uganda love the Bahai temple, which they go to all year long for different holy ceremonies. Other religions also have fasting meetings there because the place is so peaceful and quiet that it feels like it is far away from the noise of the city.

At Bahai temple, there are a lot of study groups.  Bahai community came up with different study series to help its members become more aware of the world around them. These study circles are led by groups of about 10 people. The groups are responsible for teaching their members about the different pillars of the Baha’i faith, the Baha’i writing, the unity of prayer, and other strange things about the afterlife.

At Bahai temple, it’s great to watch birds. A lot of birds live near the Bahai temple because of its wild surroundings. Birds and insects are drawn to the area by the different kinds of trees and flowers. Around Bahai temple, the old trees are home to more than eight types of familiar East African birds. There are a lot of weaver birds, as well as a few woodpeckers, ring-necked doves, pigeons, palm nut vultures, and other types of birds. When you’re in the grounds and you hear the birds singing, it’s very quiet and a good place to relax on a Uganda safari.

At Bahai temple, there are also classes for children. These classes bring together kids from the neighbourhood and teach them about Bahai faith and teachings. Students in the junior youth class learn how to make moral choices and how to make a living through drama, art and craft, singing, and other activities.

The tweets of the birds in the trees, the breeze in the trees, and the butterflies all show the beauty of God’s creation in this little pearl of Africa, Uganda. The peace and quiet of the area around the Bahai Temple is perfect for yoga, meditation, and recharging your mind.

Where to stay near Bahai Temple-Uganda.

There are an abundance of hotels and motels located not far away from the Bahai House of Worship, with affordable rates compared to their standard services. There is Nyumba 591 about 2.8km from the temple, also about 1.4km there is Palm Gardens and Guest house located in Kanyanya. There is  Etana Motel which is about 2.3 km away from the Temple and also Kampala Tree House about 3.1 km away from Bahai Temple, plus satellite hotel near kisaasi trading centre and many others with in close proximity of Bahai temple and among others.

At any time of the year, you can go to Bahai temple. However, from November to December, when the holidays are, the place is often booked for weddings, picnics, and other holiday parties. You can tell your tour guide that you want to visit Bahai temple as part of your Kampala city tour to make your Uganda safari impressive

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