Entebbe City Tour

Entebbe City Tour

Entebbe City Tour

 Entebbe City Tour is an astounding Uganda Safari activity whereby a traveler gets to tour the 1st city they land in from the airport i.e. Entebbe City. Entebbe is a city that is 1180 m above sea level and has an area of 56.2km2. The usual temperature there is 23°C. A lot of tourists think that Entebbe is just the place where Uganda’s international airport is, but the truth is that Entebbe is a city on Lake Victoria with a lot of activities to do that will make your Uganda tours unforgettable. Beaches like Lido Beach, where people can swim or cruise while drinking fresh juices and other drinks, are one of these draws.

Other attractions include the Ngamba Island Sanctuary, which is a home for orphaned chimpanzees, the Entebbe Zoo, also known as the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, where several wildlife species are protected for research purposes, the Entebbe International Airport, which is Uganda’s only international airport, the Entebbe botanical gardens, which are home to many plant species, primates like monkeys, and many bird species, and a Uganda reptile vil.

Ngamba Island Sanctuary.

 Ngamba Island is next to Lake Victoria, and it is the only place where orphaned chimpanzees are protected and raised so they can have babies in Uganda. This is done in a place called the Ngamba island chimpanzee refuge. This island is easy to get to by boat from the shores of Lake Victoria. It has the best chimpanzee hiking in a small area that has been set aside for that purpose. This is the only place in Uganda where chimpanzees can be safe. Other chimps are protected and conserved from national parks like Kibale national park, Kalinzu forest, Kyambura gorge, and Budongo forest.

ngamba islands

Mabamba Wetland.

 At the very end of Lake Victoria, there is a swamp called Mabamba. It is home to many bird species, including the rare shoe-bill stork, which makes it the best place for birders to go when they visit Entebbe. The Goliath heron, Lesser Jacana, Orange weaver, Black egret, Goliath heron, the Papyrus Gonolek, kingfishers, shoebill stork, papyrus yellow warbler, great blue Turaco, long tailed cormorant, grey parrot, white faced whistling, weaver birds, and the pygmy goose are some of the other birds that can be seen in Mabamba swamp. This is another place that you shouldn’t miss on your Entebbe tour.

mabamba wetland

Entebbe Zoo.

Entebbe zoo, which is now called the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC), is on the shores of Lake Victoria and is home to many animals and plants. Most of the animals that are protected here were saved from poachers and hunters, and after a certain amount of time, some of the mammals are set free in Ugandan national parks. A safari to UWEC is a great chance to see wild animals in their natural habitats, like lions, rhinos, elephants, giraffes, and many more. You can also see reptiles that are usually kept in cages, like snakes and lizards, as well as many bird species and primates like chimpanzees and monkeys, which are really nice to look at. Visitors to UWEC may be able to see the bones of some animals, which is helpful for study.


Because UWEC is in a good spot, it is a good place for kids to play games and swim in the clean waters of Lake Victoria. People from inside and outside Uganda visit this zoo every day to learn, do study, and have fun. In fact, you haven’t seen everything Entebbe has to offer until you go to UWEC.

Entebbe Botanical Garden.

These parks are also one of Entebbe’s biggest draws, and many people from all over the world never want to miss them when they go there on vacation. They are on the northern shores of Lake Victoria and are home to beautiful plants and animals. During a safari of Entebbe, you can see tropical plants, temperate plants, medicinal plants, subtropical plants, exotic plants, and a few endemic plant species, among others. In 1898, the Entebbe Botanical Gardens were set up with the main goal of saving different kinds of plants in a designated area. Some of these plants are used for study, while others are used as local herbs to treat diseases. Visiting the Entebbe Botanical Garden is a fun way to get close to almost all plant species in one place. Some of these plants have been alive for more than a thousand years.

botanical garden

Entebbe botanical grounds are also home to several species of colobus monkeys and several species of birds, such as the African grey parrot, vultures, and others. These gardens are near the Botanical Beach Hotel and are easy to get to on foot from the Gately Inn Hotel in Entebbe.

Uganda Reptile Village.

This place is on the Entebbe highway, about 4 km from the city of Kampala. It was set aside to protect Uganda’s reptiles. When people go to the Reptile Village, they can get a close look at a number of reptiles that usually live in cages and welded mesh. Crocodiles, lizards, tortoises, and poisonous snakes like pythons, cobras, mambas, vipers, and pythons, cobras, and mambas are some of the animals that live in Africa.

uganda reptile village

Lake Victoria.

During an Entebbe city tour, there are some places that should be on your list. One of these is Lake Victoria, which has a lot of things to do, like sport fishing, where you can catch different kinds of fish, including the Nile perch, which is the biggest fish in Africa. Sport fishing on Lake Victoria can be done for half a day or the whole day, based on what the visitor wants. Sport fishing is best done in speedboats that can hold up to four people and canoes that can hold two to three people.

After fishing on Lake Victoria, you can choose to go on a sunset boat on Lake Victoria. This is another interesting safari activity to do on the Entebbe city tour. This cruise gives you a great view of the water birds and beaches along the shores of Lake Victoria, as well as a chance to see all the islands in Victoria. This sunset tour goes over the equator line, so you can see the sun setting in its full splendor. This cruise takes between two and three hours on Victoria Water, where you can enjoy the cool breeze.

lake victoria

Markets in Entebbe.

 During a city tour of Entebbe, tourists can go to the markets, especially those along the roads. These markets sell a variety of goods, including food like cassava and bananas. There are also art shops in Entebbe for people who want to buy souvenirs or handcrafted items.


 Entebbe City Tour on Lake Victoria is surrounded by a lot of beaches, and each beach has different things to do for visitors on the Entebbe city tour. These beaches include Munyonyo beach, lido beach, royal resort, spinach beach, and white sand beach, among others. They offer safari activities like swimming, boat cruises, and games like volleyball and many others that make a trip to Entebbe city very interesting.

Bars and Night clubs.

 Do you like to party? If you answered yes, make sure you plan your Entebbe city tour around the best nighttime fun. Entebbe has many nightclubs like the Entebbe sailing club, knight riders, and many more.

Getting to Entebbe.

 Entebbe can be discovered either by road or by plane depending on the visitor’s enthusiasm and the distance to be wrapped

By Road.

 Entebbe is only 40 kilometres from Kampala, the main city of Uganda. This means that it takes about 30 minutes to drive from Kampala to Entebbe, even with traffic and stops.

By Air.

Since Entebbe city is home to Entebbe international airport, all guests who want to fly to Entebbe must first arrive at Entebbe international airport and then drive to Entebbe city, which takes about 10-15 minutes.

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