Hiking And Nature Walk In Kidepo Valley National Park

Hiking and nature walk in Kidepo Valley National Park

Hiking and nature walk in Kidepo Valley National Park

Hiking and nature walk in Kidepo Valley National Park : Kidepo Valley National Park is the most remote national park in Uganda located at the furthest end of North Eastern Uganda, the beautiful park is found in the rugged, semi – arid valleys of Uganda between South Sudan and Kenya has a striking resemblance to Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya and Serengeti national park in Kenya.

Hiking and Nature walks is the best way to explore and experience the breathtaking scenery and enchanting landscape of Kidepo Valley National Park, the park’s wilderness extends beyond valleys and the landscape that appears to touch the sky. Hiking and nature walks offer visitors a chance to wander through the beautiful savannahs on foot and discover the beauty beyond the surface and what lies in areas that cannot be reached by a vehicle.

On this adventurous activity, visitors get up close to the wildlife and provides them with a rare and the most authentic African wilderness experiences as you get to explore the unique landscape, lush flora and wildlife as they freely graze.

Nature walks and hiking excursions begins at 9 a.m at the Apoka Tourism Office where you will be met a ranger escort, you will have a briefing session in which a ranger shares incredible wilderness experience, knowledge about the recent sighting areas of attractions and all other information you need to know.

Nature walks and hiking in Kidepo Valley National Park are done in different areas of the park including Kidepo Valley, Mount Morungole, Namamukweny Valley and Narus Valley. Each of these areas offers a difference experience

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Areas to Do Hiking and Nature Walks in Kidepo Valley National Park

Narus Valley

The Narus Valley is a beautiful area to do nature walks and hiking in Kidepo Valley National Park, the valley is named after a local Karimong dialect meaing “muddy” and encompasses of a rolling grassland plain enclosed by distant mountains.

Narus Valley is a popular site for nature walks and is loved by many visitors of the park and this is due to its short average walk of 5 kilometers which is a pure bliss filled with beautiful scenery and diverse wildlife population.

Narus River flows through the Narus Valley, this river is the only source of water through the year even during the dry season in January to March when most of the water sources dry. Because of the river, the valley hosts a huge population of wildlife throughout the year.

While on a walking excursion in the Narus Valley you will see many animals including lions, cheetahs, elephants, waterbucks, giraffes, buffaloes, hartebeests, warthogs among others as they free graze in the area. Herds of about 20 to 30 elephants are commonly seen in the Narus river in morning drinking.

Narus Valley is also great site for birders and some of the birds you will see during the nature walk include African jacana, Abyssinian ground hornbill, Superb starling, Bateleur, Meyer’s parrot, Black coucal, Yellow-billed stork, White-faced whistling duck, various herons and egrets among others.

Kidepo Valley

Kidepo Valley is a great site to do hiking and nature walks in Kidepo Valley National Park, the valley was named after the beautiful Kidepo river which flows through the valley. Kidepo Valley is famous for scenic Borassus Palm trees which are a delicacy to elephants and are used as herbs by the locals.

The valley consists of a 50 meters wide bed of white sand between banks covered with Borassus palms, Kidepo Valley is approximately 11 kilometers on the Sudan Border is the Kanangorok Hot Spring which you will encounter during the nature walk. The hot spring has hot water which is a temperature of about 50°C, the local people believe that the water from the hot springs contains come healing powers or spirits of cleansing which is why you will find locals bathing in the waters and visitors can join to. The thicket bush surrounding the hot springs host lesser and greater Kudus, the area also harbors the only population of ostriches in Uganda.

While on a walk in the valley, you will also enjoy splendid views of the mountains beyond.

Namamukweny Valley

Namamukweny Valley also known as “a place with no birds” or “a lonely place with few people” is a great area for nature walks in Kidepo Valley National Park, the valley is a home to a huge population of bird species making it a perfect spot for birds.

Namamukweny Valley is located in the Northwest of Kidepo Valley National Park and can be accessed on foot.

Some of the birds you will see as you walk in Namamukweny Valley include Eastern Paradise Whydah, White-crested Turaco, Common Bulbul, Abyssinian Roller and Green-Wood Hoopoe among others.

Mount Morungule

Mount Morungule is beautiful mountain standing at 2,750 meters on the eastern border of Kidepo Valley National Park, the mountain is a great spot for hiking experiences. The mountain is famous for hosting the last population of the IK people which is the smallest ethnic group in Uganda.

A hike to Mount Morungule offers visitors a chance to visit the Ik people, enjoy their cultures and magnificent views of the surrounding.

The length of nature walks in Kidepo Valley National Park is determined by the weather on that day, physical fitness of the visitors

What to Carry on hiking and nature walks in Kidepo Valley National Park

To enjoy hiking and nature walks in Kidepo Valley National Park, you need to have appropriate items for the safari and these include

  • Enough drinking water
  • Snack
  • Insect repellant
  • Sun screen
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Map
  • Compass and Guidebook
  • Backpack with a first aid kit

Where to stay in Kidepo Valley National Park

There are limited accommodation facilities in Kidepo Valley National Park, the available accommodation options range from luxury, midrange and budget and they include

  • Kidepo Apoka Safari Lodge
  • Kidepo Savannah Lodge
  • Adere Safari Lodge
  • Nga Moru Wilderness Camp
  • Apoka Rest Camp
  • Kakine & Nagusokopire Campsites
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