Horse Riding In Jinja

Horse Riding in Jinja

Horse Riding in Jinja.

Horse Riding in Jinja is a fascinating safari experience where visitors get a glimpse to discover the shores of River Nile which is the longest river in the whole world, tea plantations, sugar plantations, hills, some animals, birds among others. An Australian expat owns Nile Horseback Safaris, a firm that offers horseback riding in Jinja. The Nile Horseback Safaris offers ponies for children aged 4 to 10 as well as healthy, well-mannered, experienced, and schooled horses with saddlebags, mounting blocks, and rain jackets. Depending on your degree of experience, each horse also knows what needs to be done to ensure a safe and relaxing ride.

In order to ensure both the safety of the riders and the wellbeing of the horses, the Nile Horseback Safaris company only permits riders who weigh no more than 90 kg. There are four sessions available for horseback riding in Jinja: an early morning session that begins at 10 am, a late afternoon session that begins at 2 pm, a sunset session that begins at 4 pm, and an overnight session for more experienced riders. A maximum of six individuals can participate in each session. Hence, novices and inexperienced riders shouldn’t worry about horseback riding safari in Jinja; both the morning and afternoon sessions begin with a briefing where they receive instruction on how to handle a horse. Every horseback riding lesson in Jinja is accompanied by two guides: one leads the activity while another follows from behind to make sure nobody has any difficulties.

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During a horseback riding in Jinja, you can see the rural lifestyle of the nearby communities, take in stunning views of the River Nile, the hills, farmlands in the surrounding communities, tea and sugar plantations, various bird species, antelopes, and, on a lucky day, see monkeys and mongooses. For children who wish to engage in equestrian activities in Jinja, Nile Horseback Safaris sets up ponies for 30-minute short rides and an hour-long journey for more experienced young riders. To protect the safety of children riding ponies, guides will be keeping an eye on them.

The overnight or multiday horseback riding safari only requires a minimum of two participants, so in order for the activity to happen, there must be two riders. Experienced riders are also required because the riding route includes difficult and strenuous terrain.

Cost of horse riding in Jinja.

The rates of horse riding safari activity in Jinja vary based on the time spent while riding on the horseback for example;

1-hour horse riding costs $40 per person.

A 1.5-hour horseback riding session costs $50 per person.

A two-hour horseback ride costs $60 per person.

Riding a horse for three hours costs $90 per person.

An overnight horse ride lasting 90 minutes costs $60 per person.

Each child’s 30-minute pony ride costs UGX 70,000.

A child’s one-hour pony ride costs UGX 120,000.

A minimum of two persons can enjoy the overnight horse ride in Jinja, which includes boat transportation from the campsite, beer, juice, sodas, and local spirits in the package.

How to book for a horse riding permit in Jinja.

You have two options for booking horseback riding permits in Jinja: you may go through a reputable tour operator with us, or you can book directly with Nile Horseback Safaris by email or phone. You will let us know the day, month, age, number of participants, weight, length of the ride, and horseback riding session when you get in touch with us. After verifying the permit’s availability, we will request payment. Once the deposit has been received, we will get you a permit for you to ride the horse on a Uganda safari.

However, because there are only a limited number of horses and guides available for Nile horseback safaris, horse riding permits in Jinja should be reserved well in advance to avoid disappointments.

What to bring for your Jinja horseback safari.

Long-sleeved shirt with trousers.

Comfortable closed shoes.

A camera to capture pictures.

Water bottle for consumption.

Cream to protect your skin from direct sunshine while riding.

Other activities to do in Jinja alongside horseback riding.

Besides horseback riding safari, Jinja is one of the most popular towns in Uganda, offering a variety of other sights and other fascinating safari activities for tourists to enjoy. These include

White water rafting.

This thrilling safari activity on the Nile involves passengers riding in a tiny, air-filled raft with a knowledgeable guide. During your safari in Uganda, white water rafting offers you the chance to take in the breathtaking scenery, warm water, sunshine, water rapids, river channels, and islands, among other experiences that will leave you with lifelong memories.

white water rafting in jinja

Bungee jumping.

 Bungee jumping is an activity where your body or ankle is tied with your face looking down and then jump from an elevated platform down to the river. River Nile is one of the best destinations in Africa where bungee jumping is done. Bungee jumping is a daring and novel safari activity that has been developed at River Nile. Only those 13 years of age and older are permitted to go bungee jumping on the River Nile, with a minimum weight restriction of 35 kg and a maximum weight limit of 260 kg.

bungee jumping in jinja


Taking a leisurely paddle in a kayak, guests can discover the source of the Nile, neighboring towns, farms, and islands, among other places, during this fascinating activity.

Quad biking.

Quad biking is an activity where tourists ride bikes to explore the site at the Nile’s source. A briefing and instruction on riding a quad bike, including shifting gears, staying on the tracks, and controlling it while driving, are given at the beginning of the session. You will get the chance to explore the forests, tea and sugar plantations, riverbanks where you can watch children swimming, local settlements, and many animal and bird species while quad biking at the Nile’s source.

quad biking in jinja

Sport fishing.

One place where tourists can engage in sport fishing is the River Nile. Visitors who wish to engage in sport fishing are urged to make reservations in advance for the activity as there are different sessions available, such as morning, afternoon, and full-day sport fishing. While at the location, sport fishing gear is provided, but you are also free to bring your own if you so like. You can capture a variety of fish species while sport fishing, including tiger fish, catfish, tilapia, and Nile perch.

sport fishing in jinja

Jet boating.

Jet boating is a unique safari experience that involves cruising the River Nile with a professional guide and a motorized, high-speed boat. A thrilling sport on the River Nile is jet boating, where you may enjoy jumping, turning, and spinning in addition to hitting rapids.


 River Nile is an excellent place to go swimming because it doesn’t have any reports of bilharzia, and it’s devoid of infectious diseases and potentially harmful aquatic animals like crocodiles and hippos which gives you the most spectacular safari experience on your Jinja tour.

How to get to Jinja.

Jinja is situated east of Kampala in the southeast region of Uganda. If there is no traffic in Kampala, the drive to Jinja for horseback riding from Kampala takes around two hours, but if there is, it takes longer. The Jinja route passes through Mabira forest before arriving in Jinja town.

The most exciting and thrilling activity to partake in while your safari in Uganda should be horseback riding in Jinja. It offers you unique sensations that you won’t find anywhere else.

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