Horseback Riding In Uganda

Horseback Riding in Uganda

Horseback Riding in Uganda.

Horseback Riding in Uganda : It is not common for people to ride horses in Uganda, but Lake Mburo National Park and Jinja, the location of the Nile’s source, both offer the best horseback riding safari experiences through the surrounding countryside and local villages. You might reflect about your life back home in the countryside of your own nation while riding a horse in Uganda. Additionally, the horseback riding safari activity is appropriate for people of all ages; although horseback riding at the Lake Mburo National Park is advised for adults only, it is also available at the source of the River Nile for both adults and children.

All you need to escape the noise and bustle of Kampala city and the reach of crowds is a horseback ride. The rare horses that tourists love to ride on their yearly vacations in Uganda are kept at the flame tree stables in Jinja, Lake Mburo national park, and other locations in Uganda. Although horseback riding lasts only a short while, it is worthwhile. One of the places in Uganda where you can go for an amazing horseback riding experience in the wilderness is Lake Mburo National Park.

Lake Mburo National Park horse riding.

 The first thing that makes Lake Mburo national park intriguing and deserving of a visit on one of the days of the Ugandan wildlife safari are the horses. Horseback riding safari at the Lake Mburo national park is very significant and worthwhile for an adventure enthusiast because of the area’s stunning natural surroundings and the landscape. In Lake Mburo National Park, horseback riding safari is the only physical interaction you may have with the environment and wildlife.

mburo horse ride

It takes between two and five hours to ride a horse through the broad savannah grassland, dense savannah woodland, and the undulating hills in the western region of Lake Mburo National Park. Horseback riding safari is both a calming and exhilarating pastime because to the lush grassy valleys between the hills and the several lakes close to Lake Mburo National Park. It should be noted that the only national park in Uganda where you may enjoy horseback riding is Lake Mburo National Park.

The only safari lodge that offers horseback riding in Lake Mburo National Park is Mihingo. Three mature horses and four ponies are accommodated at the stable of Mihingo Safari Lodge, which has a total of about seven completely developed horses. The horses are expertly trained to provide you with an unforgettable safari experience in the African wilderness. The Lake Mburo national park offers horseback riding safaris for up to six individuals at once. A qualified guide leads the six groups of visitors who are going horseback riding in Lake Mburo National Park and demonstrates the safe riding paths.

There is no need to be concerned because a skilled team oversees the horseback riding excursions at Lake Mburo National Park. You can customize your horseback ride to suit your preferences, level of experience, and physical capabilities.  Beginners and inexperienced riders are given special attention, and they are advised to walk rather than race on the horses in order to prevent all the unpleasant consequences, such as falling, among others. Lake Mburo national park’s landscape is also mountainous, which among other things makes inexperienced cyclists more prone to falling.

There is something available for more seasoned riders that will fit your level of horseback riding. The fantastic stretch is available for cantering and trotting. Additionally, since 2008, Mihingo Lodge has offered horseback riding safari excursions beyond the park. However, the park itself has more captivating pathways. You get the opportunity to connect and meld with Mother Nature’s true stature in unspoiled settings during the horseback riding excursion in Lake Mburo National Park.

Source of the Nile horse riding- Jinja.

You can learn more about the famous Nile River’s banks through horseback riding excursions in Jinja. Source of the Nile horse tours give you the chance to learn more about the African villages that are close by and offer a unique panoramic perspective of the lush surroundings and the refreshing river wind.

One of the top providers of horseback riding excursions in Jinja is the Nile Horseback Safaris firm. The business, which is situated on the banks of the River Nile, is the best source for Nile horse tours. When riding on the back of a horse around the adjacent villages in Jinja, it is possible to do so in shifts of one to three hours for the most thrilling safari experience. Night horseback riding excursions through Jinja are also possible with the Nile Horseback Safaris firm.

source of the nile horse ride

Two guides accompany the horseback riding excursions, one leading and the other trailing. This mechanism was created to guard against mishaps and other dangers. There are different horses ideal for different kinds of riders, and the horses themselves are all quite calm and well-trained, so you don’t need to worry about them. They are not some wild mustangs.

You can also reserve a spot on a mixed horse safari in Jinja, which is designed for a group of friends who want to ride horses together. Because the group’s members have a variety of riding backgrounds, it is known as mixed horseback riding. The mixed horseback riding safari enables beginners and experienced riders to ride together in one group. However, it is not advised for children to ride mixed horses. In Jinja, there are ponies designated for kids who want to ride horses.

You can go for the one-hour trip around the adjacent farmlands and towns; take this opportunity to relax and take in the splendour of the pearl of Africa. You can learn more about the Nile’s origins and take in the locals’ customs by going for a horseback ride in Jinja. Families with young children and senior citizens who just want to enjoy can benefit from the quick horseback rides.

You can make reservations for your horseback riding safari with your tour operator, who can also assist you in planning a successful itinerary. However, you can also make reservations for your trip to Jinja at the Nile Horseback Safaris company’s offices located close to the Nile’s source. Visit Uganda at any time of the year to take advantage of the historical Nile River source as well as horseback riding safaris in Jinja or Lake Mburo National Park.

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