How Do I Get Gorilla Permit In Uganda

How do I get gorilla permit in Uganda

How do I get gorilla permit in Uganda

How do I get gorilla permit in Uganda : A gorilla permit acts an identification in form of cards or documents offered by Uganda Wildlife Authority – a governing body for Bwindi impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park allowing tourists access to the parks and allowing them to visit mountain gorillas.

Many visitors planning to visit Uganda for a gorilla trekking safari wonder how to get a gorilla permit, this article details all you need to know about a gorilla permit and how to get one in Uganda.

How to get a gorilla trekking permit in Uganda

The best way to get a gorilla permit in Uganda is through a Tour Operator who is registered under the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO), there are over 1000 Tour Operators in Uganda available to help you acquire a gorilla permit.

In Uganda, only AUTO members are authorized to get gorilla permits on behalf of a tour, visitors are advised to book there permits about 3 months prior to the gorilla trekking date as there is high demand for the permits most especially during the high season.

While purchasing a gorilla permit, avoid using unauthorized tour operators to avoid being conned and costly permits. Note that currently there are no discounted permits in Uganda, also you are advised not to send money to personal accounts, express money, Western Union or Money Gram. Use banks accounts registered in the names of that particular tour agency or use a credit card payment system.

The cost of gorilla permits in Uganda

It is important to know the cost for a gorilla permit and the best way to know the cost is by contacting a tour operate who will give you relevant information regarding gorilla permits in Uganda.

Gorilla permits in Uganda are issued by the Uganda Wildlife Authority, this governing body is responsible for setting the price for gorilla permits.

A gorilla permit in Uganda currently costs US$ 700 for Non – foreigners, US$ 600 for foreign residents and 250,000 Ugx for Ugandans and East Africa citizens (citizens of East Africa community member countries that is Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Sudan and DR.Congo).

What are requirement for a gorilla permit in Uganda

To get a gorilla permit in Uganda for your gorilla trekking adventure in Uganda, there are some requirements that must be met as required by the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Passport – a valid passport is required as it helps in identifying your residence status (either Non- foreign resident or foreign resident). East Africa residents and Ugandan citizens are required to presence their country’s valid Identification Cards.

A passport or identification will also help to identify the age for the particular tourist, according to the rules and regulations governing gorilla trekking, only individuals of 15 years of age and above are allowed to participate in gorilla trekking.

Uganda Wildlife Authority keeps records of visitors who have trekked and ever trekked gorillas in Uganda in both Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park purposely to know the number of visitors that have visited Uganda for gorilla trekking and also for future reference.

Uganda uses the records from the total number of people who have visited Uganda for gorilla trekking as a way to formulate promotional and marketing strategies for the tourism industry in order to attract more people for various countries around the world.

When you contact your Tour operator, they will ask for the passport details before any reservation of a gorilla permit. This is because Uganda Wildlife Authority will need to know the Nationality and age of the visitor, also they will ask for your fitness level so as to assign you a gorilla family fitted for you.

How many gorilla permits are available in Uganda?

A total of 160 permits are issued in Uganda for Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga Gorilla national park.

What does the gorilla permit in Uganda Cover?

A gorilla permit in Uganda only grants you access for a trek that is one gorilla family and one hour with the gorillas, the permit does not include any costs for the gorilla trip such as accommodation, transport and meals.

Can you cancel a gorilla permit in Uganda?

Yes it is possible to cancel a gorilla permit in case you will not make it for a gorilla trekking adventure in Uganda, however the following terms will apply.

  • If you have only paid a deposit, you will not receive any refund on cancellation
  • If you have paid your permit in full, the following cancellations rules apply
  • 755 refund if you cancel your permit 91 days or more before your trek
  • 50% refund if you cancel 46 to 90 days before your trek
  • 25% refund if you cancel 9 to 45 days before your trek
  • No refund if you cancel 0 – 8 days to your trek

However if you cannot trek due to illness established on site, 50% of the permit fee may be refunded, visitors are encouraged to be more honest about feeling unwell, even a common cold can be fatal for gorillas.

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