Karuma Falls

Karuma Falls

Karuma Falls

Karuma Falls are some of the most beautiful falls in the pearl of Africa. They are in the northwestern part of Uganda on the Victoria Nile in the eastern part of Murchison Falls National Park. At the falls, water flows over a number of rocks with unusual shapes that are thought to have formed at the bottom of the Victoria Nile. The people who live in the area, however, think that the rocks were put there by a spirit named Karuma. Because of this, the falls are named after Karuma. When the water from the Nile flows over this unique set of rocks, it makes a wave that is rare, beautiful, and makes white foam that is so beautiful to look at.

After the Murchison falls, Itanda falls, and Sipi falls, Karuma falls are some of the most famous and most visited falls in the country on a Uganda safari. People always want to see the falls because of where they are and how beautiful they are. The fact that they are on the Nile is also an attraction. On top of being beautiful and scenic, the Karuma Falls are home to one of Uganda’s oldest bridges, Karuma Bridge, which crosses the western region to the northern region.

You can get to the Karuma Falls by going through either Masindi or Gulu. Karuma Falls is about an hour and a half from Masindi town and about an hour from Gulu town. About 3 hours separate Masindi from Kampala, and about 4 hours separate Kampala from Gulu.

karuma falls

Since Karuma falls is in Murchison falls National Park, a safari to the falls can be combined with a safari to the park. When you go to Karuma falls, you can do all of the following safari activities and more:

Karuma falls sighting/viewing.

Karuma falls are very pretty, and the sound and speed of the water make them the very meaning of a scenic sight. So, people who go to the Karuma falls enjoy watching the Nile water flow over the strangely shaped rocks. They also like the beautiful scenery around the falls, which includes the plants around the falls, the bridge, and other things.

karuma falls

Sport fishing in Murchison falls national park.

You can go sport fishing on the Victoria Nile, where you fight to catch Nile-perch, a common fish in the Nile River. This is an enjoyable safari activity to do, and if you catch any fish while you’re there, you can take them home and have them made into a great meal.

Game drive in Murchison falls NationMurchison Falls National Parkal Park.

You will be able to go on a game drive in , which is Uganda’s biggest and oldest national park. On your game drive, you might see the big four mammals of the big five mammals that includes the lions, leopards, buffaloes, elephants. And among other mammals like zebras, giraffes, waterbucks, hippos, warthogs, hartebeests, and many more.

game drives in Murchison falls natiional park

Boat cruise in Murchison falls National Park.

You can also take a boat cruise safari down the Victoria Nile to enjoy the cool breeze of the Nile, the beautiful plants along the Nile, and the different animals and birds that live and eat on the Nile. There are crocodiles, hippos, waterbucks, and many more of these animals.

Nature Walks in Budongo forest.

Budongo forest is just a few metres from Murchison Falls National Park, the forest offers the tourists with the most interesting nature walks where they get to meet the biodiversity in the forest. The guided nature walks can be done in the woodland and savanna terrain. Budongo forest is majorly known for the endangered chimpanzees. As well during the guided nature walks the travelers can be able to view various primates like black and white colobus monkeys blue monkeys, pottos, red-tailed monkeys and among others. And sighting bird species like black headed flycatcher, forest robin, lemon bellied crombec and among others. This is the attractive landscape that should not be missed out minus being explored on a safari.

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