Kyanika Border

Kyanika border

Kyanika border

Kyanika border is in the south west of Uganda, in Kisoro district, in Kigezi sub-region, and in the northeast of Rwanda. Kyanika border has helped the tourism industry grow by making it easier for people to visit safari destinations like Volcanoes National Park, Bwindi Forest National Park, Mgahinga National Park, and Lake Bunyonyi. Most of the tourists who cross the border are going on gorilla safaris, which are the most popular thing to do there. This can be done by guests on a Uganda gorilla safari or a Rwanda gorilla safari. And other safari activities like golden monkey trekking or hiking safari and among others.

Kyanika, which on Rwandan side is called Cyanika, is the legal land border crossing between Uganda and Rwanda. Kyanika border is run by the Kyanika Town Council, which is part of the local government system for the Kisoro area. On Rwanda’s side, the Cyanika line is in the Northern Province’s Burera District. One of Uganda’s biggest borders with RwandUgandaa is the Kyanika border, which has grown over time because of the business that goes on in the area. Uganda and Rwanda work together and do business with each other at the Kyanika border.

kyanika boarder

Travelers use the Kyanika border including buses and tourist cars which transport tourists across the border either from Uganda to Rwanda or Rwanda to . Crossing the Kyanika border to Rwanda can take few minutes if at all you have the needed documents to cross such as a National Identification Card from Uganda and tourists mainly need a Tourist Visa which makes it easy and a faster process at the immigration office.

Immigration and visa processing at Kyanika border.

Both Rwanda and Uganda have immigration offices at the Kyanika border. If you already have a visa, it takes less time to check your papers. If you want to get a visa at the border, it’s best to bring the USD visa application fees with you. A credit card might not be accepted by the immigration office.

Tourist attractions near Kyanika border;

Lake Mutanda.Uganda

Lake Mutanda is located in the far southwest of , Lake Mutanda is one of the most interesting lakes there. It is a small freshwater lake hidden in the mountains near Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park in Kisoro district. Lake Mutanda is one of the most beautiful lakes in Africa. It is surrounded by lush, green mountains and is drained by Rutshuru River, which flows to Lake Edward to the north.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is well placed at the edge of the western arm of the Great Rift Valley, which is the Albertine rift valley in the south-western part of Uganda shared by the three districts of Kabale, Kisoro, and Kanungu. Bwindi impenetrable rainforest is one of the oldest remaining rainforests in Africa that have survived time throughout the last Ice Age and now the forest covers approximately 331 square kilometres with an altitude range between altitude between 1,160 meters and 2,607 meters. The average annual temperature in the park is between 7° C and 20° C, with the coolest months being June and July. The wettest months are March, April, and November, and the rest of the year is usually dry, though the weather in the  is always changing because the park is made up of mountains. Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park is perfect safari destination for gorilla trekking.

Mgahinga gorilla national park.

If you want to go gorilla trekking safari in Uganda, Mgahinga national park and Bwindi impenetrable national park are the two best places to carry out the massive safari activity. Both national parks are in the south-western part of Uganda, near the Katuna and Cyanika borders. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in bordered by Volcanoes National Park in North western Rwanda and the Virunga National Park in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Volcanoes National Park.

Volcanoes National park is the most popular place for safaris, and many people go on gorilla trekking safaris there. Here, the tourists get a briefing on how to find these amazing creatures in their homes. Once they are found, people can spend an hour with the animals and watch them do things like eating, breastfeeding, playing, and other things they do every day. In addition to gorilla trekking safari, the park is known for its five volcanoes: Mount Gahinga, Karisimbi, Muhabura, Sabyinyo, and Bisoke.

Accommodation around Kyanika Border.

Most of the places to stay are near the Kyanika border, which is in the Ugandan district of Kisoro. There are a lot of places to stay in Kisoro for tourists who want to rest and relax in the area. You can choose the one that best fits your needs. These range from upmarket, mid-range and basic or budget facilities.

Muhabura Motel.

Muhabura Motel is located in Kisoro on Kisoro-Kyanika road, Muhabura motel features a 24-hour front desk and this place a barbecue grills and free self-parking, wireless internet access is provided. There are TVs with cable channels, microwaves, and separate tubs and bathrooms in the rooms. There are four rooms here.

Golden Monkey Guesthouse.

Golden Monkey Guesthouse is located in Kisoro and it is about 22 minutes’ drive to Mgahinga National Park. This beautiful place in nature has a diner where you can get breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. There is a bar, free parking and free Wi-Fi in all of the 16 rooms. There is a front desk, and the rooms are cleaned every day.

Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge.

Clouds Mountain Gorilla lodge is located in Kisoro, this lodge provides luxurious services such as a fireplace for relaxation and consists of 8 cottages with great interiors and the meals are well served at the lodge. From the cabin, visitors can get to and from Mgahinga National Park at any time.

Kisoro Tourist Hotel.

Kisoro Tourist Hotel features self-contained rooms, good guest services, breakfast is offered and continental dishes plus local meals are served at the hotel. The place also has a safe place for people who drive their own cars to park. It also has some nice grounds where people can relax while staying at the hotel.

Nkuringo Safari Lodge.

Nkuringo Safari Lodge is located just 14 km from Kisoro town near Lake Mutanda and features tented camp with en-suite bathrooms and toilets plus a bar and restaurant that offers continental dishes and local dishes to the guests at the accommodation facility.

How to get to Kyanika border.

From Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, it takes 5 to 6 hours to drive to the Kyanika border. And it takes 8 to 9 hours to get to Kampala from Uganda. So, another choice is to fly. The border is close to Uganda’s Kisoro airstrip, which has regular flights to Entebbe Airport, which is Uganda’s largest international airport.

In general, Kyanika border is one of the safest borders in East Africa. It lets you get from Uganda to Rwanda during your safari in the Great Lakes area. The area has kept businesses in the two countries going, especially in the tourism industry, where tourists only need an East African tourism VISA to go to different places.

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