Solo Female Travelers In Uganda

Solo female travelers in Uganda

Solo female travelers in Uganda.

Solo female travelers in Uganda : Uganda’s national parks and reserves are famous for their abundance of African wildlife, as well as the country’s varied landscapes and opportunities for gorilla and chimpanzee trekking safaris. More and more independent women travelers are making their way to this stunning and culturally diverse country since it is known as one of the safest in Africa.

Outdoor tourism, wildlife, and trekking.

Many people travel to Uganda specifically to embark on a gorilla trek, as Uganda has more mountain gorillas than any other country in the world combined. Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison Falls National Park are two additional fantastic national parks to visit in Uganda on a safari, in addition to Bwindi Forest National Park and Kibale Forest National Park for gorilla trekking safari and chimpanzee trekking safari.

gorilla trekking for solo travellers

Many of Uganda’s national parks and reserves are protected and only accessible via tour guide, so be prepared to pay and complete these treks as a group despite the allure of going it alone. Though Uganda is generally considered to be a secure place, it is still wise to go with a group or let someone know that you are trekking alone, even if you are going to a location that does not require a guide.

Ugandan Roads, Transportation, and Political Climate.

 Road upkeep, markings, and lighting in Uganda are subpar, especially outside of major urban areas like Kampala. Therefore, nighttime travel is typically avoided due to the increased risk involved. The sad truth is that armed robberies, carjacking’s, kidnappings, and sexual assaults have all been reported on these routes outside of urban centres.

If you want to travel on these routes at night, keep in mind that getting help in an emergency may be challenging because police and emergency response times may be severely delayed due to the lack of access outside the city core.

Travellers typically utilize taxi services like Uber, Taxify, and Safeboda rather than public transportation like buses due to the former’s poor condition and the latter’s drivers’ lack of training and, in some cases, recklessness. Even though most car accidents are very small, you should nevertheless be prepared to pay for the services of the police and emergency services if you need them.

gorilla trekking for solo travlers

While the government and police force of Uganda have made tremendous strides in recent years to reduce crime and improve national security, corruption remains a problem (thus the need for outside assistance from police and emergency services). There is some little crime, but major crimes are uncommon. Keep your belongings close to you and be careful of your surroundings as you would anywhere else if you were travelling alone as a woman.

A typical degree of vigilance is warranted in public places and landmarks, especially in large cities, due to the potential of a terrorist attack and civil disturbance in Uganda due to the country’s closeness to and military involvement as African Union peacekeepers in the active conflict in Somalia.

It is best to avoid or leave the area if things start to develop and to take official advice and warnings seriously. Protests and strikes in Uganda are mainly over local issues.

Dressing code.

You can wear whatever you like in Kampala, but outside the capital, Ugandan women are expected to cover their knees at all times. Clothing that covers your knees and shirts that aren’t too tight are strongly advised if you intend to travel outside of Kampala, especially if you intend to visit some of the smaller towns and villages.

Conclusion Women are safe travelling alone in Uganda so long as they are alert, aware of their surroundings, guard their things, maintain a low profile, and avoid venturing out at night unless absolutely necessary.

Expect a lot of attention, especially from children, as some people don’t understand why ladies travel alone and are just naturally fascinated about muzungus. Exploring the country from north to south is an exciting safari. When in doubt, it’s best to employ a reputable local guide who can ensure your safety and assist you plan out your safari.

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