Budget Gorilla Trekking Safari

Budget gorilla trekking safari

Budget gorilla trekking safari.

Budget gorilla trekking safari offers budget touring options for travelers interested in gorilla trekking safari in the different safari destinations including Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Our budget gorilla trekking safaris are designed for those of you who want to travel at a cheaper prices. Each safari destination for a gorilla trekking as its own fee for gorilla permits. Per permit costs range between $450 and $1500. A gorilla permit in Congo costs only $450, making it the cheapest option, compared to $700 in Uganda all year and $1,500 in Rwanda. First and foremost, frugal gorilla trekkers must carefully select their safari destinations. As can be seen from the prices listed above, Rwanda is the most expensive country for gorilla trekking permits, making it a luxury safari destination. Congo and Uganda are acceptable, unless you wish to trek exclusively in Volcanoes National Park.

Budget gorilla trekking Uganda.

Among the three safari destinations, Uganda safari excursions appear to offer the most affordable gorilla trekking safari opportunities. The destination has got the two safari destinations where the mountain gorillas do reside, where the half of the mountain gorilla population resides in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and the rest in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. You will have options to select from. Regarding accommodations, Bwindi has an abundance of low- to high-end gorilla safari lodges. You cannot fail to find a budget-friendly accommodation that is both comfortable and affordable while on safari. The nine-hour journey from Entebbe to South Western Uganda discourages tourists, which is why they prefer to have their experience in Rwanda. This should not frighten you, as you can still reach Bwindi within four hours from Rwanda. Alternatively, if you can afford a scheduled flight, you will save a great deal of time.

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Budget Gorilla Trekking Rwanda.

Despite being a high-end gorilla-trekking safari destination, this country is not well-off. In Rwanda, you can trace on a budget. Even without paying for permits, it is possible to undertake two-day excursions in this area. The best way to minimize your expenses in Rwanda is to limit your stay to a few days and choose accommodations with limited amenities. The only disadvantage is that the $1,500 permit fee for Rwanda could pay for a completely booked three-day budget gorilla safari in Uganda, leaving you with approximately $250 in pocket change. The only difference between populations of gorillas is the environment in which they live. Rwanda gorilla excursions are the cheapest gorilla safaris available.

Budget Gorilla Trekking Congo.

Nowadays, economical gorilla tours in the DRC are all the rage. Tourists visit Rwanda in order to trek in Virunga and then exit the country via Rwanda. Permits to see gorillas in the Congo are the least expensive so far, costing as little as $450 each. When it comes to accommodation facilities, you will have to pay a premium, as Virunga National Park has only luxury safari lodges that can cost $300 or more per night. In addition, Congo is an excellent destination for tourists who favor inexpensive gorilla trekking.

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Best time to do gorilla trekking safari.

The dry season falls in the months between December to February and again between June to September. Gorilla trekking safari during the dry season has its advantages. That’s the period when the gorilla trekking trails can be easily passable and not muddy, compared to the rainy season. Dry season is the period when the gorilla trekkers can easily spot the mountain gorillas and again that’s when the vegetation in the jungles can be thin and short hence easy spotting of the gorillas. This makes gorilla trekking perfect during this period.

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