Luxury Lodges In Buhoma Sector

Luxury lodges in Buhoma sector

Luxury lodges in Buhoma sector.

Luxury lodges in Buhoma sector : Are you looking for luxury lodges in Buhoma because you intend to visit Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and stay there? Buhoma sector is situated in the park’s northern region, Bwindi Impenetrable. In 1993, shortly after the park was designated a NESCO Heritage Site, gorilla trekking began in this area. The eldest gorilla family, Mubare, as well as the three other gorilla families, Habinyanja, Rushegura, and Katwe, may be found in the park’s most well-known and frequently visited area, Buhoma. During your gorilla trekking safari in the Buhoma sector of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, you will need to know where you will stay. The following are some of the top-rated luxury lodges in Buhoma for your stay while gorilla trekking safari:

Buhoma Lodge.

 Buhoma lodge is a luxury lodge with structure attractive with stunning, unobstructed views of the park’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, where the endangered and elusive mountain gorilla lives. The lodge is located inside the National Park and are just a short stroll from the meeting place for gorilla tracking and other activities in the Buhoma region. A raised central space with a lounge, bar and eating area provides a lovely, comfortable setting for talking about the day’s events around the fireplaces, which add ambience and warmth in the chilly evenings.

buhoma lodge

Bwindi Lodge.

The most luxurious gorilla lodge at Bwindi, Bwindi lodge is the one that the gorillas typically visit. It has a view of the ancient Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. It is one of Africa’s distinctive lodges, with dramatic, powerful views of the forest canopy across a tranquil creek. The location offers breathtaking views of the dense forest and is a fantastic area to watch monkeys and birds hiding in the undergrowth.

Bwindi lodge

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp.

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp itself as a home away from home and a super-luxury safari for gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. There is undoubtedly nothing bad that can be stated about this lodge because it provides genuine service and has people with extensive experience in management and customer service. Its unique location and design also make it worth every penny that you pay to spend a night here. This is the kind of spot for a wonderful getaway with only ten private luxury tents located in the Buhoma sector of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.  If you’re a super-luxury traveler, you may reserve the entire lodge for yourself for the duration of your safari, and each night’s accommodation includes complimentary booze (with the exception of premium brands and champagne) for all guests. After your gorilla trekking safari experience, you can unwind in the lodge’s spa. The lodge provides a range of meals that can be customized to your preferences, a dining lounge and bar with a wide selection, and room service for those who want it. Housekeeping is also available to take care of any necessary laundry.

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp.

What is the best time for gorilla trekking in Buhoma Bwindi?

 The best time to visit Bwindi is between the months of June and October, and between December and March. During these months, Uganda experiences a dry season with little rain, which makes it simple to go on hikes through the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Since the vegetation is not fully grown during these months, it is also simple to see mountain gorillas, making for fantastic photo opportunities. The vegetation tends to grow high during the other months of April, May, and November, which are typically a wet season, making sightings difficult. However, treks during these months tend to be shorter because mountain gorillas don’t have to travel as far in search of food. Given that it is a highly well-organized activity and you have a 99% probability of seeing the mountain gorillas, you can participate in a gorilla habitat experience in Uganda throughout the year.

How to get Buhoma Sector for Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

By Air: Flying is the fastest and least strenuous way to reach the Buhoma. Domestic carrier Aero Link provides both scheduled and charter flights to Kihihi Airstrip, where passengers can then connect to Buhoma. There isn’t a direct flight to Buhoma, but you can be dropped off at Kihihi, where our knowledgeable guide will pick you up and take you to your lodge. It takes around an hour to drive from Kihihi to a nearby lodge. It is standard procedure for passengers to check in 90 minutes before to the flight’s planned departure time. It’s also vital to remember that Aero Links allows 15 kilograms of baggage per passenger, with any excess weighing 3 USD per kilogram. For customers that have distinct schedule needs and various itineraries, private charters are also an option. You could also choose to take your children on free trips if they are under two years old. Children above the age of 12 are transported at 70% of the cost for adults.

By Road: Buhoma is reachable through the main highway road from Entebbe or Kampala, a journey that takes 8 to 9 hours. You will travel to Buhoma after passing via the town of Kabale. The Park is also reachable via a 4- to 5-hour drive from Kigali, Rwanda.

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