Top Activities At Sezibwa Falls

Top activities at Sezibwa Falls

Top activities at Sezibwa Falls.

 Top activities at Sezibwa falls are the intriguing things that tourists should engage in during their time at Sezibwa falls in order to get the most out of their visit to the falls. The Sezibwa falls are a consequence of water squeezing through a tight passage of rocks and plummeting at remarkable speed into a big pool that is around 14 metres deep. The Sezibwa falls are located 32 km along the Kampala-Jinja highway. The waterfalls have a number of rocks with jagged edges and a vast pool below them. Additionally, they provide stunning views of a variety of waterfalls, bird species, and other natural wonders on a Uganda safari.

The word “Sezibwa” comes from a Luganda term that means “endless,” and the Baganda people regard the waterfalls to be a significant cultural and spiritual landmark because they believe the river Sezibwa to be home to supernatural forces. The name “Sezibwa” comes from that phrase. According to the Baganda people who live in the area, there is a traditional mythology that is believed concerning the origin of Sezibwa River and Sezibwa falls. This legend is said to have been passed down from generation to generation. It is reported that a woman whose name was Nakangu Tebatuusa had a disagreement with her husband, Nsubuga Sebwaata, and as a result, she moved back in with her parents rather than remaining in the home she shared with her husband. Her mother accompanied her and dropped her off close to her house after her father gave her instructions to return to her husband and work out the problems they were having as a couple. She became exhausted as she moved closer to the home she would share with her husband. While she was resting, she gave birth to twins in the form of rivers, and their names were Sezibwa and Bwanda.

Top Activities at Sezibwa falls.

 Bird watching.

There have been over 200 different bird species identified at Sezibwa Falls, making it one of the best places in Uganda to go birdwatching. There are many different habitats for birds, such as forests, water, and gardens, where bird watchers have the opportunity to see a wide variety of birds, including Hadada Ibis, crowned Hornbills, long-tailed cormorants, African finfoot, paradise flycatcher, Vieillot’s Black Weaver, Green Hylia, Pied crow, Lizard Buzzard, blue spotted wood dove, great blue turaco, emerald cuckoo, Grey headed Nigrita, red-billed paradise flycatcher,Klaas’s Cuckoo,Gymnogene, Ross’s Turaco, black necked weaver, red headed malimbe, Bronze Mannikin, olive bellied sunbird, hadada ibis, fan-tailed widow and among many others.

sezibwa falls birds

Rock climbing at Sezibwa falls.

During the tour of the Sezibwa falls, tourists have the opportunity to participate in a number of exciting safari activities, including rock climbing. Climbing rocks is a fun and exciting sport, but it demands participants to be in good physical and mental shape in order for them to have a positive experience and enjoy themselves while doing it. During rock climbing, visitors to Sezibwa falls will be able to climb up to the top of the rocks, slope down the falls, and also walk over the rock until they reach the prescribed terminus. The rocks that span Sezibwa falls are large and sharp, and the falls themselves are spanned by the rocks. As you make your way up the mountain, you can come across animals like lizards, skinks, or snakes, and once you reach the summit, you’ll have breathtaking views of things like the waterfalls and the river Sempaya, amongst other things. Visitors who want to participate in rock climbing are obliged to wear safety gear such as headgears. This is due to the fact that accidents can occur, despite the fact that they are not particularly common.

zebwa falls rock climbing

Cultural experience.

During your safari to Sezibwa Falls, you will also get the opportunity to participate in an incredible cultural tour experience. This will give you the chance to engage in conversation with members of the local community. During the cultural experience, you will be led by an experienced local guide who will take you to different areas such as around the falls, where you will visit shrines for the traditional doctors where the local people come for worship and perform cultural rituals, the traditional healer who removes curses from people, visit primary schools, sugarcane and tea plantations, and a number of other locations. Guests that participate in cultural activities will have the opportunity to learn about the historic cultural practises of the local people, as well as information regarding their ancient gods, amongst other things.

Sezibwa falls cultural visit

Guided nature walks/hiking.

This is a fascinating safari activity that can be done at Sezibwa falls, as it provides you with the chance to get well acquainted with the animal species. During the nature walks, you will be accompanied by a tour guide who will help you walk around the falls, forest, and farms where you will have stunning views of tree species like Mahogany, Bamboo, Fig tree, Musizi, Eucalyptus, and Ebony trees, plant species which are used by traditional doctors or healers, different animals like wild cats, mongooses, bird species, primates like vervet monkeys, red tailed monkeys, beautiful butterflies, reptiles and many others. More so, you will not only be able to take in some clean air during the nature hikes, but you will also be able to calm your thoughts.


 Camping is available at Sezibwa Falls on its well-kept grounds, which are positioned in a convenient proximity to the falls themselves. It is one of the best places to go camping for a number of reasons, including the fact that tourists will appreciate listening to the wonderful sounds of waterfalls, the pleasant sounds of birds and other wildlife, and the enjoyment of a cool environment while camping there. You can get food and drinks at the Sezibwa falls Resort, but you are also welcome to bring your own food if that is more convenient for you.

sezibwa falls camping


Water lovers also have a chance of enjoying swimming in sezibwa falls, however, precautions must be followed and only experienced swimmers are encouraged to swim in sezibwa which is also included amongst the best places to swim and relax the body from the strong heat and tiring day

sezibwa falls

How to get to Sezibwa Falls.

 From Kampala City, it takes about 30 kilometres to drive up to kayanja trading centre on a tarmac road. After reaching the centre, there is a signpost on a marram and bumpy road leading to Sezibwa River Resort that takes you directly to the falls; however, all that is required is a four-wheel drive tour vehicle to avoid getting stuck in mud, particularly during the rainy season.

Best time to visit Sezibwa falls.

Although it is possible to visit Sezibwa Falls at any time of the year, the best time to go is during the dry season, which runs from June through September and from December through February. Since there is less precipitation during this time of year, the walking and hiking trails are easier to navigate than they are during the wet season, when the routes are often muddy and slick.


The majority of tourists who take a tour to Jinja to go white water rafting and to see the source of the Nile, as well as tourists who go to Mabira Forest to see birds and to go zip-lining, typically make a stopover or stay the night at Sezibwa Falls, where they gain a new perspective on what it’s like to be in a beautiful nation like Uganda. Take use of the opportunity you have right now to investigate the mysteries that are contained within the splendours of Uganda. Simply put it in your travel itinerary right now, and you won’t be sorry for what you did.

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